Tour full south

Length: 14 days

$45.00 $40.00


In our first day we wiil visit Miraflores and Barranco districts. The length of these tour will depend on the time of your arrival flight

  • Visit to Miraflores and Barranco (acording to arrival schedule)

This day is the first in our tripo to the Southern Peru, the main land of the Incas. We will start the day in Pachacamac, a Preinca temple, located an hour from Lima, and we will continue to Ica. Here we can have a walk in Huacahina Oasis, in the middle of Ica Dessert, and take a ride on the dessert buggies. Our day ends in Paracas (2 hours from Ica).

  • Pachacamac
  • Visit to Huacachina Oasis
  • Travel to Paracas
  • Noche en Paracas

Early in the morning we will be taking a boat to visit Ballestas Islands. In this islands you will see penguins, coastal birds, and sealions. After the boat walk we will be taking our bus to get to Nazca, where we will overflight the ancient lines, made by the Nazca culture and kept because the smart use of the dessert winds. We will continue our trip to Arequipa, along the night.

  • Visit Ballestas Islands
  • Travel to Nazca
  • Lines overflight
  • Travel tou Arequipa (Overnight trip)

After a night trip you will have a free morning to rest or have a walk in the city. We will have lunch in a typical restaurant and take a comfortable city tour, so you can know this beautifull city, settled in the base of three volcanos.

  • Free morning
  • City tour
  • Free day

Colca Canyon is the best and easiest place in South America to see the flight of the Condor, the biggest bird on earth. We will be starting early in the morning, as we have to take a road wich lead us to 5,000 meters over sea level in its highest point. After visiting the Condor Overview, we will visit the village of Chivay, and will continue to Puno, where we will arrive latenight.

  • Chivay
  • Condor overview
  • Arrival in Puno (Overnight)

Once in Puno, it is time to sail the Titikaka Lake. In this lake you will know the Uros, a tribe that lives in their floating islands, built by themselves with Totora, a local plant. Our boat will take us to Sillustani, onether island, where Quechua people live and work their handcrafts.

  • Uros floating island
  • Taquile island
  • Sillustani

The Tiahuanaco culture is the original culture where future altiplane people seed their beleivings. We will take a road trip all over the lake shore to Bolivia, where we will visit the Archeological site and Museum.

  • Chucuito
  • Amaru Muru
  • Tiahuanaco
  • Overnight in Puno

The road from Puno to Cusco is full of temples, villages and archeological sites. We will spend the day visiting the most important places, and we will arrive Cusco in the evening

  • Intermediate stops
  • Overnight in Cuzco

This is our first day in the Inca Empire Capital City. We will visit the most important colonial and inca monuments. From Cathedral, and colonial dowtown to Inca temples and palaces as Qoricancha or Sacsayhuaman fortress.

  • City Tour
  • Free day

Today our travel to Machu Picchu beggins. Starting in Cusco we will be visiting Piscac and Ollantaytambo fortress, until we get to Urubamba, where we will rest to ascend to Aguas Calientes

  • Pisac
  • Ollantaytambo
  • Overnight in Urubamba

The only way to arrive to Aguas Calientes is by train, crossing the jungle and Urubamba River. We will be arriving in Aguas Calientes so that you have time to have a walk or spend some time in the natural hot springs.

  • Train trip
  • Free evening (Hot springs)

Half an hour ascending from Aguas Calientes we find Machu Picchu. Our tour will start early in the morning, and we will spend our day walking all over the Archeological site. In the evening we will be taking the train back to Sacred Valley, where our bus will be wating to take us back to Cusco

  • Bus
  • Back to Cuzco/Back to Lima

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14 days

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