Perú Experience

  • Spirituality: Peru is a bioenergetic center with a great magetic power. Acient peruvian respect sun and had real devotion to divine beings, for them mountains, water, earth and the Sun. This knowledge has been transmited for generations, so that the actual Chaman, are able to know medicinal plants and rituals where the tourist can join this world conception where we all are part of an only whole world.
  1. Cusco: Cusco is the “whole Sun in the Andean world”; ancient Inca believed Cusco is the “world´s belly bottom” and this spirtual seeding makes Cusco keep its magic, mistery  and mityc in the same time. Herewe will have the chance to know one of these rituals of healing and soul cleaning.
  2. Puerto Maldonado: For centuries, amazonian chaman men, used Ayahuasca as a window to our inner being. As they hold, this ritual can heal any desease. You can experience this in our Puerto Maldonado extension.
  • Gourmet: Peru is well know for its gastronomy, all around the world. Discover why.
  1. Lima: We will have a walking tour in a traditional market, where you will apreciate all the fruits and vegetables abailable in the city. After this, we will have a private class to learn cooking a good ceviche and peruvian seafood receipts. We will also try Pisco Sour, Causa (based on a mix of potatoes and vegetables, chicken, swrimps…, and Lomo Saltado, a tradicional beef dish with vegetables. Finally you will try the Chica Morada, a corn and fruits drinking.
  2. Cuzco: We will walk in a traditional market, where a chef will explain us about the products of this Andean región. You will the chance to chat and buy to the local farmers. After visiting the market we will have a cooking lesson in a traditional house.
  3. Cusco: be part of the great variety of Andean flavours. Natural produts as potato, quinoa, corn, olluco… We will try quinoa chaufa, stuffed trout, cuy.
  • Experiential: Meet a different Lima
  1. Lima: Explore actual Lima and meet the friendly people in the different places in Lima. This revealing experience is a challenge to the preconceived ideas about working class zones with this poverty. Your visit contributes to the community, given that a high percentage of the cost of the trip is donated to improve conditions in the villages.